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April 25th, 2020
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Editor’s Note

Welcome to the COVID 19 edition of 'The Imprints,' our CSR newsletter designed especially for iA employees, our partners, and affiliates. This edition of ‘The Imprints’ would speak about the initiatives which we have undertaken during the pandemic lockdown for the society, collaborations with various stakeholders, NGOs and corporates and our Founder’s message.

We will also highlight the contributions of our employees and affiliates, who are volunteering and contributing to our initiatives in building equitable and sustainable communities.

I want to thank Amit Gupta, Founder – infoAnalytica, and everyone from the team for their everlasting support throughout our activities and initiatives, and in everything that we do!

- Pranav Gupta, Project Manager - CSR

In this issue:
  • Founder’s Message
  • Initiatives under COVID 19 Lockdown
  • Areas Covered
  • Collaborations
Founder’s Message

"Corona." The word after every few ones these days. And it's been some weeks now. While we are locked down and have WFH or enough ration or Netflix shows buffered. We didn't stop thinking about the maids, laundry guy, hawkers, daily wagers, laborers, migrants, or older people. A small step towards this led to a marathon of activities, and we feel relatively content. The best part has been helping and support coming from various individuals, organizations, Corporates, AMC, and the Police team. We have been able to provide meals, ration kit, and tea service to about 1,00,000 people and counting in the city. Have raised funds to get this going, built a team of volunteers, tracking it geographically, sharing stories, and will continue this till we can. A shout out to The Ahmedabad Project, Foodaholics in Ahmedabad, Sante Spa, VSSM, Hi-tech outsourcing, RHA, Radio 104 and more for trusting and collaborating with us. And most of all, the iAeans for your constant backing.

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Initiatives under COVID 19 Lockdown
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Food Kit Distribution:

It is only now that we are aware of the hardships that a migrant worker, a slum dweller, a safai karamchari, security guards or your housemaid faces. The struggle for their wages, food, health has now started affecting us and the society around. iA Foundation thought of distributing Ration Kits to the underprivileged community deprived of food. These food kit contains our daily essentials like (Rice, Atta, Sugar, Tea, Oil, and other commodities). One food kit serves a family of four for at-least ten days.
If you wish to contribute to our cause at:

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Ahmedabad Runs on Chai:

As the city wears a deserted look, it is hard to even find the chai walas, the suppliers of fuel to that makes Ahmedabad run. They say 70% of the human body is water, we think in case of the average Gujarati, it is 50% chai. This is our small homage in collaboration with Te.Cha to those still out there working for our city - the traffic cops, the street vendors selling vegetables, the safai karamcharis and yes, the homeless and daily wagers wherever we find them.

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Community Kitchens and Cooked Meals:

"Food is not just fuel. Food is about community; food is about identity". With the help of Sante Spa Cuisine and Robinhood Army, we were able to serve cooked meals to more than 500+ people on daily basis. We are also supporting three community kitchens in Ahmedabad and one in Bikaner (Rajasthan) which prepares meals for more than 1500+ people on daily basis respectively

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Masks Distribution:

With the help of Mudita Patel Design, we helped Ahmedabad Police with face masks. More than 500+ face masks were distributed to traffic police, security guards and the ones in need

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Awareness Campaign:

To continue working on issues of long-term policy for the unorganised labourer, The Ahmedabad Project and infoAnalytica Foundation have started “The Creative Fellowship” to reflect the sufferings deprivation which the unorganised sector faces through films, writings, posters and other creative material on this issue to sensitize citizens.

To apply or to know more:

2000+ FOOD KITS Distributed
4 Community Kitchens supported
1,00,000+ Meals Served
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