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Jan 25th, 2020
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Editor’s Note

Imagine that when you buy, the child who has no parents smiles? When you ask about the embroidery, the shy housewife glows! Or when you spend a lot, still come back home happy and fulfilled!!

Welcome to the special edition of our CSR newsletter series, "Amdavad Social – the first social flea of the city" and an attempt to celebrate Opportunity, Empowerment, and Togetherness within the social sector of the city.

Amdavad, a smart and swaacch city of social goodness with NGOs, Trusts, Corporate Initiatives, SHG’s, and Government Projects, working for the social betterment. However, a lot of them are working in silos. Amdavad Social brings these Social Enterprises to a common platform where the community can share their synergies, ideas, and learn for a better and more significant impact. Also, the citizens get to interact with them and get an opportunity to know about social betterment, understanding how they can be a part of this too.

Let’s have the entire social sector under one roof and see the elements of Amdavad Social!

- Pranav Gupta, Project Manager - CSR

Inauguration and Participants

Amdavad Social held on 14th December 2019 inaugurated by Hon. Mayor of the city, Smt. Bijal Patel, Hon. Standing Chairman AMC, Shri. Amul Bhatt, Hon. Joint Sec Karnavati Club, Silva Patel, Founding Curator of World Economic Forum, Sunil Parekh, and Chairperson FICCI FLO, Babita Jain. NGOs and Social Enterprises like Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Blind People Association, FICCI FLO, Saath, Apang Manav Mandal, Manav Sadhna, and 25 more enlightened the event with their participation at the flea. The event witnessed more than 1000+ footfalls.

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Artisans from SEWA took a workshop on various artforms of stitching like running stitch, Kantha, chain stitch, and feathers stitch. These artists belonged to the suburbs of the Patan region of Gujarat.

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Block Printing:

The event was outshone with different colors by the traditional block printing art form in a modern avatar. The indigenous artisans from the Anand district of Gujarat conducted a Block Printing workshop at the event.

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Mehndi Workshop:

Equal Opportunity to Everyone! After getting vocational emancipation for a year, students from SHWAS, an NGO in Ahmedabad, could illustrate their skills of Mehndi at Amdavad Social.

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Balloon Making:

Invent, Entertain, and Enjoy! What if a child gets to make his toy to play? A dog with poufy tail, a Pirate, or The Three Musketeer Sword; kids made twisting balloon sculptures demonstrated by Balloonwala, an initiative by HEYHI Foundation in Ahmedabad

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Stone Painting:

An art with No Paper, No Scissor! A fun-filled workshop to replenish your creative juices on stone. HEYHI foundation conducted a stone painting workshop at Amdavad Social, where kids attempted to make paperweight and showpieces out of pebbles and rocks.

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Reconnecting with Soil:

What if you get to learn easy and effective ways to improve the green cover in the environment? Khoj Museum conducted a seed ball making workshop and taught the kids effective, quicker, and cost-effective ways to reclaim and contribute to the green protection of our environment

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Telescope Observatory:

Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn under one roof? Khoj Museum set up a telescope observatory workshop at Amdavad Social Event.

Cultural Activities
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Puppet Show

With diverse workshops for kids and adults, Amdavad Social also observed a series of cultural activities. A puppet show was organized, which added excitement and fun to the event. Puppetry is one of the ancient forms of theatre and shares the process of animating inanimate performing objects to tell a story.

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Nukkad Natak

Street playgroup from NIFT Gandhinagar, CHHAAP, created awareness amongst the citizens of the city through their act on Swaachta – Thookna Mana Hai and Hashtag- Social Media Addiction at Amdavad Social.

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The hidden folk theatre form of Western India Amdavad Social witnessed the enriching and renowned performance from Bhavaai Group from Kalol, Gujarat. More than 25+ artists performed on religious aspects depicting Ganesh Vandana through songs, dialogues and speeches in prose as well as verse. There is a lot of dancing and singing in Bhavai. Men act female characters..

1000+ footfalls | 30 NGOs/ Social Enterprises
Media Highlights
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