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Oct 29th, 2019
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Editor’s Note

Hi Everyone,

What’s the only thing we all have in common? – THE EARTH
Welcome to the third edition of ‘The Imprints,’ our CSR newsletter designed especially for iA employees, our partners, affiliates, and of course mother Earth.

This edition of ‘The Imprints’ would speak about the drastic environmental changes happening around the world through human activities, our efforts from the previous month to balance the ecosystem, and our upcoming initiatives and tie-ups with various NGOs and corporates. We will also highlight the contributions of our employees and affiliates, who are volunteering and contributing to our efforts in building equitable and sustainable communities.

Lastly, as always, I want to thank all CSR Volunteers at infoAnalytica for their everlasting support throughout our activities and initiatives and in everything that we do!

- Pranav Gupta, Project Manager - CSR

In this issue:
  • Editor’s Note
  • What’s the Buzz?
  • Rewind, Relive!
  • Look in the future
  • CSR Champions
  • Social Pun
What’s the Buzz?
Arree, Aarey! (The choice between Development/Environment):

The death toll was surrounded for 2,815 and still counting trees to make way for Metro car shed in Mumbai's Aarey Colony. While green activists have called the Mumbai metro's move to cut trees, the government justified it by saying that the development is meant for a greater good. Shaina NC, a leader of the ruling party (BJP), said that "We are taking only two percent of Aarey land and planting over 20,000 trees across Maharashtra in its lieu,". She also claimed that the project will be sustainable as the CM's office will directly monitor the saplings and that the government was sure that they would have a 35 percent survival rate. Meanwhile, prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC imposed in the area near the metro-rail project site in Aarey forest. The environment conservationists were left chanting the slogan of "Choose Aarey, not concrete Grey!"

* Source: India Today

When Swacch Bharat meets Fit India:
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video of him picking up trash on a beach in Tamil Nadu's Mamallapuram, sending across a strong message to the nation about the importance of keeping surroundings clean, and highlighting Swacch Bharat Mission, an ambitious initiative of the ruling government towards a cleaner India. "Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning. It lasted for over 30 minutes. I also handed over my 'collection' to Jeyaraj, who is a part of the hotel staff." "Let us ensure our public places are clean and tidy! Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy," he tweeted. iA foundation with 42.1 and AMC organised the first plogging drive in Ahmedabad on 26th May 2019. Plogging means picking up trash, such as used plastic bottles while jogging or running.

* Source: The Economic Times

Rewind, Relive!
Eco dun at DAIICT – September 29, 2019:
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DA-IICT Gandhinagar organized a 7 KM long run, supported by iA Foundation. The inspiration for the run was to provide the youth with an opportunity to voice their opinions on issues that are close to the society while keeping their health at the center. With the theme of #HumFitTohIndiaFit, the event was inaugurated by the Shri D.D. Kapadiya Sir - Secretary of Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) and Mayor of Gandhinagar. More than 700 people across the city participated in the event, and we hope that all the participants leave the race today with an increased appreciation for our environment and will continue to push the boundaries to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in their daily lives. Only then can we be future-ready together."

"The idea of wilderness needs no defence, it only needs defenders."― Edward Abbey:
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DivingDeep and Decathlon Ahmedabad as a part of "World CleanUp Day 2019", organized clean-up hikes at Thangadh, Jessore Sanctuary, and Amirgadh. The purpose was to clean up the identified litter-spots and collect the trash while hiking. Participants also performed hiking and scrambling during specific sessions to strengthen their connections with outdoors and wild grounds. As a team, they collected approximately 550 to 570 kgs of separate solid waste, especially plastic, metal, and glass from these outdoors. More than ten iA employees were part of this movement to raise local awareness and implement lasting changes to end the waste epidemic once and for all at these specific locations.

Into the Future
Sports Training to Visamo Kids – Nov 1, 2019
alt text

After supporting Abdul with a cycle gear, iA Foundation is planning to support five students from Visamo Kids Foundation located near Bopal, Ahmedabad. The training will start on November 1, and the students will get trained in multiple sports like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, swimming, and more.

Project Good Governance – Nov 10, 2019
alt text

Can you sustain the system without an Aadhar Card, Pan Card, bank account, Ration Card, Maa Card, and other government subsidies? These people have since the past 50 years! infoAnalytica Foundation with Pannah (a Public Charitable Trust who provides a one-step centre with an aim to provide access to the basic services by the government is setting up a help centre at Ramdevnagar slum areas for the people who are deprived of all government schemes and services which they deserve. With sensitizing the people from slums to providing them with a direction on how to avail and get benefitted from the government schemes, iA foundation and Pannah will work extensively in Ramdevnagar Slums for the next three months.

CSR Champions
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It has just been a year that I’ve been working at infoAnalytica. One of the things I admire about the work culture is their belief in giving back to society. Working at iA, I got an opportunity to volunteer as well as lead some of the CSR activities, and that was an experience of my life. I volunteered in activities like Beat the Heat, Plogging event, and many others. I have felt the inner joy and happiness by helping the people who were needy and wanted some help. I still recall the day when I to distribute the mango juice as a part of Beat the heat event, children at streets came to drink it, and they got so happy. I can never forget that innocent smiling face in my life. That was an enjoyable experience. Thank you, CSR team, for letting me be a part of these activities Thank you, Krunal Shrimali

Social Pun
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